From boutiques to department stores

We create attractive stores and exposures

A complete shop fittings concept

We create shops and display racks that generate sales for customers throughout the world. Fittings which are based on your needs and adapted to what you want to sell.

The fact that we are one of the leading companies in the Nordic region within our segment is primarily down to hard work, but also because we are true to our guiding principles: maximum material quality, functional designs – and not least – a consistent focus on the aesthetic. Ricana's creativity when it comes to tailored products is well-known.

But sometimes simplicity also produces small miracles, in particular when that simplicity concerns assembly of displays and racks. 

Buy & Build

It is actually that simple. We have created a standard range that you can start from when you create your shop. It includes everything from shelves to racks and baskets. Smart solutions to both display and sell goods, but also when it comes to handling. Buy & Build gives you lots of options and if you want our help to create your shop, then we are happy to help out. Read more..

Shop in shop

Ricana also creates fully customised solutions. Design and production of sales-generating concepts for shops and entire chains.  We work together with you to find all the right values which will subsequently be reflected in your shop or your display racks.  We stay with you all the way to completed solution and open shop. Read more..


It was grandfather who started it all

One reason for Ricana's expanding product flora and continued expansion can be found in the fact that our eighty years of experience in the industry are intimately linked to an extensive service tradition in Småland We have had roots in the sector ever since grandfather Nils Heijel founded HS Fabrikerna in 1937. HS Fabrikerna became a knowledge- and experience platform for many similar companies in the district and not least for Ricana, which was founded by Roger Heijel in 1991. The names of Roger and Astrid Heijel's three children - Rickard, Camilla and Madeleine became the brand "Ricama" and was soon registered as Ricana. On that path, we continue to invent, create and develop with our customers.

Ricana work

We are passionate people who create new shops and new display solutions for our customers every day.

We take you from idea stage to finished shop or showroom. From your vision of what the shop should look like to you opening up the doors. Designers, draughtspersons, production and logistics solutions are all under one roof here, and we offer you all our collected expertise. We also offer you our visions of how good shops and experiences are created, with everything based on a close collaboration between us when creating your shop. 


It is important to us that we analyse your needs, requirements and wishes together with you as the customer, so that we can create the concept or the racks that correspond best with your expectations.


Each shop or chain of shops has its own design requirements. It is ultimately the shop's profile and the nature of the products that determines the design.


Each shop or chain of shops has its own design requirements. It is ultimately the shop's profile and the nature of the products that determines the design.


A rack should be both aesthetically attractive, functional and stable. The construction is therefore naturally dependent on which products are to be displayed.


In many cases the lighting is as important as the actual rack. The positioning of light sources depends on which goods are to be displayed, where in the shop the rack is going to be located and other factors.


Ricana has long experience of the sector, both in relation to the customers' needs and how to manufacture. We have learned what rational production entails.


We offer you a logistics solution that includes stocking and coordination of deliveries, regardless of whether you are a shop or an entire chain.


Our racks are designed in a way that enables your own shop personnel to assemble and position them. It is simple to put the racks together and lift them into place.


We do not regard a business relationship as over once a delivery has been made. On the contrary, it is then that is starts. So don't be surprised if we give you a call, or look in to check if everything is working as it should.

From start to finish it is all about business – your business.

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