Ricana's vision


The Boss has the floor

Ricana – the obvious choice!

This vision applies to You as a customer, but also You who are our supplier and as our employee. A first step in achieving the vision has been that in 2018 we invested in newly built office premises and remodeled staff spaces. We have also invested in a new modern business system and strengthened at certain strategic positions with new knowledge.

A second step in the process of reaching our vision has led us to the 5 most important arguments for why you as a customer should choose Ricana Concept as your supplier of shop fittings.

These arguments also apply to you as our supplier of raw materials and components as well as to you who will become our future employees. There are many more arguments, but we will present our 5 individually and simply explain why we have chosen these.

Take note of our arguments and test us!

On re-hearing / Bengt Nyström, Business Area Manager



At Ricana Concept we sees ourselves as a relationship builder.

For us, You as a customer are not ”just a business”, You are so much more and so much more important. In agreement with our customers, we want to do everything possible to learn what is most important for You.

Therefore, we build relationships with our lovely customers there ours. The focus is that together we develop and streamline our eyes to the possibilities of tomorrow.



Our expertise is complete unique through the cruelly skilled team lineup we have.

Many years of experience are mixed with new thinking through new influences from the reinforcements made in recent years.

This overall competence does not make us afraid to test new challenges to meet the needs of our customers.



For all of us, agility is important.

We will be available to You as a customer in a way that suits You by phone, visit, mail, social media or by our newly launched web portal Ricana Store where You as contract customer get access to You specific products and to quickly and efficiently add orders around the clock.

But agility also means taking responsible for our customers throughout the hole chain. Together with our production and ours invaluable subcontractors we work with lead times, quality and with making quick decisions to reach our set goals and to be responsive and flexible.



Our work of creating order and order throughout the company definitely benefits You as a customer. How then do You think?

Trough order and order, we take responsibility for ensuring that high quality is at all stages of the customer journey from our first contact with You until the final delivering.  We work methodically on all our departments and our business system give us the opportunities for planning and follow-up. Through the years, we have also developed good logistics solutions.

In addition, it is extremely fun to invite You here as a customer to our nice premises where things are noticed, and it feels nice and clean.

Feel free to visit us!



Our diligent development department takes You as a customer up to the next level and which leads your store increasing in attraction.

Innovation mixed with a great deal of curiosity, solution orientation and good product knowledge is what needed to achieve our goal.

Now we are waiting with great interest to helping You with Your project to reach Your goals!

Please get in touch!